Sungnyemun, the first National Treasure of South Korea, is one of the Eight Gates and it was built to protect the palace in Joseon Dynasty. We, SGD, believe that Sungnyemun is especially meaningful to Korean.

SoGong- Dong, a small county of central Seoul, is a Korean historical place where princess Kyoung-Jung, a second daughter of King Tae Jong had resided. In this historical spot, there are several well known Korean cultural properties such as Sungnyemun. 

Our flower symbol was inspired by Sungnyemun’s floral design, and its color of gold represents SoGong-Dong’s royal history. Inspired by Sogong-Dong’s history, our mission is to convey Korean tradition and spirits to the world through our dishes.

Head Chef

Chef Choi’s single inspiration that lead to the experience at SGD was nothing more than his desire to introduce unsurpassed Korean dishes to the world. To keep SGD’s original taste, he resolutely keeps his recipe, without following recent fads of food. He said his passion to keep classic, traditional Korean taste is a reason behind why many patrons never forget its taste. Since his first experience with SGD, he has elevated the reputation of Korean dishes with solid execution and preparation of food with premium standards.